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Metro Order App

Metro Namibia requested I develop an app to assist some of their business with sending purchase orders to Metro. These business clients also want a list of all available stock items. Each business has its own orders, but with this application, it should help standardise the orders and assist the store employees to find the stock items ordered.


  • .NET Framework 4.6.2
  • Windows 7 or later



Email Order or Save

The application allows the user to either email the purchase order directly from the application to the store of their choice or the user can save the order to either email it themselves or print and fax it.


Save Order Templates

If a user wishes to order the same products each time, the application allows the user to save a template of that purchase order for future use. The user can then load that template and themselves time in adding the products to the order.


Update Stock File

Metro would update their stock list every now and then with new listings. The user can download this stock file through the application. The application can also notify the user if there is a new version of the stock file available for download. The user can set whether or not to check for updates when loading the application.


User and Application Settings

The application saves some user information like the business contact details that prints on the purchase order and some user preferences like the default store to order from. There is application settings as well to store the email server settings and the download location of the stock file.


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