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Personal Finance Power BI Report

The Personal Finance Power BI Report is a report for GnuCash, an open source accounting software for Windows and Linux. GnuCash uses a PostgreSql database. The report is mobile friendly if you use the Power BI Mobile App. The Personal Finance Report measures net-worth and cash flow on a monthly basis.




Shows all the main KPIs, including debt-to-income ratio and savings rate. It also shows a graph of the income allocation and it's targets, according to Ramit Sethi's book, "I'll Teach You To Be Rich". The Dashboard also give a breakdown on the assets, with a toggle button to switch to liability allocation (showing the use of bookmnarks).


Monthly Cash Flow

On this page the user can see categories by actual vs last month and actual vs budget, showing the use of field parameters. The bars are also color coded depending on whether both last month and budget is worst off or only one of the two measures. The user can also drill-through to the Subcategory Detail page by selecting a subcategory in the Top 5 by Subcategory bar chart.


Subcategory Detail

Shows the deeper details of each transaction for that subcategory. The year and month slicers are synced across all 3 pages, so whatever is selected on one page, it will pull through to all the pages, creating a seemless user experience. Finally there is a bar chart for the actual expenditure over time, which ignores the year and month slicer selection.


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