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PriceBook is a grocery price tracker for Windows desktop. Keep record of all your grocery purchases and measure the product's prices over time. Manage grocery items in categories and product links (similar products with different colours or flavours) and compare like for like items in PriceBook.

Users can add bar codes and use a handheld scanner or a smart phone camera to call up products by their bar code when capturing invoices. PriceBook uses a SQLite database. Users with a little SQLite knowledge can write scripts to query the database and export data with DB Browser for SQLite.

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Product and Product Link Management

In PriceBook you can group similar products, called Product Links, to easily manage and measure prices. For example, potato chips would be a product link to group Simba, Willards and Lays potato chips. Now you can compare prices across brands (and other attributes) because you are comparing like for like items, only difference is usually flavour, color or size of packaging. At the end of the day potato chips is potato chips.


Capture Invoices

In order to save grocery prices, products are captured by invoice. The user can either scan the product bar code or just search through all the products captured in the database. New products that do not exist in the database can be added while capturing new invoices.


Easy Install and Update

The installation file for PriceBook is very small (less than 10MB) and easy to install. Just double-click the setup.exe file and the application will install and open up. A desktop short-cut will be created. And when a new version is released, it will do an asynchronous update in the background.


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