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JRS Document Storage

JRS Document Storage is a Document Management System for Arch Retail Systems and customizable to integrate with other ERP/POS systems. Users can upload scanned receiving documentation (including claim documentation) to a central server for head office employees and suppliers to access. The application also has a few reports regarding document statistics and user login statistics.

Users can also be managed within the application, protecting your documents from unauthorized view. Role functions help control who can view what features.


  • .NET Framework 4.6.2
  • Arch Retail System v.26
  • MySql(Server) and MS SQL(Store)
  • FTP Server
  • Windows 7 or later




User Management

The application allows you to add users with a specific role function. Users can be edited and suspended. The user can also run reports showing basic user statistical information like last login and the amount of logins. Passwords are kept secure with cryptography technology, have a limit length criteria and automatically suspends users after three incorrect password attempts.


Documentation Management

Attach and remove scanned PDF copies of the actual signed receiving documentation to all goods receiving vouchers and receiving claims. These documents are uploaded via FTP to a central document server. Head office staff and external parties (if FTP server is hosted online) can access these documents from anywhere. This will cut down time spent Sending emails backs and forth between store employees, head office staff and external parties like supplier sales reps and debtors clerks.


Dashboard and Notifications

JRS Document Storage has a dashboard showing the basic documentation statistics like amount of documents that still need to be scanned and uploaded to the server. This can help measure the receiving departments efficiency at archiving important receiving documentation.

Head office staff and external parties can flag and request documentation from the stores. Flagging is when an incorrect document was scanned and uploaded, which helps monitor that an accurate filing system is kept. Requesting documents alerts the store's receiving staff that someone wants a copy of document.



There are a couple of standard reports built in. For instance the Login Report, which was mentioned earlier. The store manager and regional management can view who logged in and when. This is useful to check if staff are using the application to keep the document storage up-to-date. Management can also view the document statistics. Ideally management would want to see that all documents are uploaded to the central server.

Demo Videos

Store Demo Video

Watch this demo video of JRS Document Storage. This video takes you through all the store functions. The video starts with the lowest ranking store employee (by user role privileges), the receiving clerk, all the way to the store manager. This demo covers:

  • Viewing and Uploading Documents
  • User Management
  • View Reports

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Drop me a mail and I will glad back to you with a quotation. If you aren't using Arch Retail System, but you want a documentation management system, integration with your current ERP/POS system can be arranged.

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